Opthink: Elite Cognitive Conditioning Course

Welcome to OPTHINK, #EverydaySpy

Greetings, Everyday Spy. Welcome to OPTHINK! You are about to begin a training journey known only to the world’s elite intelligence services. You will never see the world the same way again…


Personality is the foundation for all operational thinking, but it may not be what you’ve read about in other places…

Status Check

Personality is only the beginning of mastering self-awareness and awareness of others. The next tool you need is the Status Check!


The next level of awareness comes by understanding resources and how you use them. We start with prioritization!


This is where things get messy. Roll up your sleeves because nobody escapes this conversation as spotless as when they came in!


We have been learning a lot. Now lets take a moment to talk about how we improve our new skills by practicing our old skills!

Cognitive Bias

It’s time to take your awareness to the next level. You are aware of yourself and your conscious mind. Now lets look at what is running in the background of your mind.

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