Cognitive Dissonance

Learning doesn’t come easy. Sometimes it has to feel uncomfortable – even painful – before you gain new knowledge. That discomfort is called dissonance.

Mental Strength

You have learned how your mind works (and doesn’t work!). Now its time to train your mind to get strong.


Commitment is a key that unlocks potential. But you have to understand what commitment is and isn’t. And how to make it operational…

Objective vs. Subjective

You’ve mastered awareness and your own cognitive base. Now we have to optimize your thinking. And the place to start is with objective vs. subjective reasoning.

Fear Management

Optimizing your mind requires facing your fears. But don’t worry, you won’t be afraid much longer…

Assessment vs. Assumption

I believe that assumptions are one of man’s greatest weaknesses. But the truth is that until we learn a better model, we naturally lean on assumptions. So let me teach you the better model… ASSESSMENT!

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