How to Get Recruited Rather than Hunt for Jobs

Greetings Everyday Spy,

You’ve heard the old expression: “better to be the hunter than the hunted?” 

In the job world, this isn’t necessarily true. While it may seem convenient to search for a job whenever the time is right, the best opportunities often come to you when companies are actively recruiting. 

While it’s impossible to make anyone pursue you, there are ways to make yourself more attractive and spread your name, so potential recruiters might hear about you.

Here are a few proven techniques to get hunted, rather than do the hunting. 

Social Media

Social media often gets demonized in our society, and there are some good reasons why.

I write plenty about the dangers of social media, and you should always be aware of how you’re using it and who you’re interacting with.

That said, some social media is vital if you’re hoping to be recruited by businesses.

A 2015 survey by the Society for Human Resource Management found that an incredible 96 percent of employers surveyed used LinkedIn for their hiring searches.

Even if most people have a LinkedIn profile, few keep it updated. If you’re active on LinkedIn, keeping your profile up to date about promotions and accomplishments, you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Your profile isn’t doing you any good if it’s out of date.


Networking is always important.

Building a collaborative team of colleagues is vital within your office, but it extends beyond those walls, too. 

Your friends and coworkers will get promotions and move to new jobs, too.

And when they do, if you’ve built the right relationships with them, you will automatically have advocates waiting for you with a potential new employer.

Social networking isn’t just about attending the weekly Better Business Bureau meeting…

Although that can be part of it!

It’s about creating the right impression with the people who are with you now. Doing so will give you an entire web (or *network*) of people and connections you could never build on your own. 

Headhunt the Headhunters

Be selective in your networking.

Try to make contact with peers and people with similar skills to yours in other businesses. Befriend members of your own HR department and learn what they look for in their recruits and how they find them. 

Find headhunters in the companies you want to work for.

If you keep in contact monthly or even quarterly, they’ll already be thinking of you when positions come open.

Get your name out there, even if you’re not applying for a job currently. 

Always Be Prepared

Companies look for recruits both actively and passively.

When jobs come open, they look actively, trying to fill a particular void by hiring the right candidate. But they are always watching and listening for the right people to bring on board.

For you, that means always being prepared to take an opportunity that comes to you.

You can’t afford to miss an opportunity because your resume isn’t ready or because you’re not prepared to leave your current company.

If you’re serious about moving up, you need to be ready to take offers when they come, not just when you’re ready for them.

Spies seize unplanned opportunities.

If you’re waiting to apply for the perfect job, you’re already behind. Be prepared to seize the job that comes to you, and you’ll be ready when the opportunity arises.

Godspeed, #EverydaySpy

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