Opthink: Elite Cognitive Conditioning Course

Welcome To OPTHINK, #EverydaySpy

Greetings Everyday Spy,
Welcome to OPTHINK!

Your training begins now. We are kicking off with a deep-dive into your personal awareness.Operational thinking is a powerful tool, but the first step to unlocking it requires you to unlock your own personal awareness. And awareness is a tricky thing.

Awareness exists both externally and inwardly.

External awareness is what most of us are familiar with – situational awareness, spacial awareness, observations skills (which we will cover in a later OPTHINK module). But inward awareness is where operational thinking begins. Because thinking operationally requires heightened levels of self-awareness.

We’re not talking about self-awareness of the self-help variety.

We are talking about something much more practical and tangible. The awareness I want you to understand is your default, natural cognitive baseline: personality, attitude, beliefs, preferences. After we make you aware of your own baseline, there is no limit to developing your operational potential.

To complete this course, follow the modules in order from top to bottom.

 Each module includes a lesson video, a reading assignment, and a skills exercise. At the conclusion of the module, you will be issued a practical field assignment where you can practice everything you’ve learned to date.

To maximize your learning, follow the curriculum exactly.

Don’t skip modules, don’t ignore your reading assignments, and don’t pass over your skills exercises. Most importantly, do not move forward until after you complete your field assignment.

I am here anytime you need me.

Send me questions, observations, victories, and frustrations – you can find me 24/7 at info@everydayspy.com.

Godspeed, #EverydaySpy