File Number:             EDS0R7-A

Code Name:                 MONO

Status:                       Recruited Asset

General Information:

    Name:                      Nijah M. Iro

    Sex:                        Female

    DOB:                        4/30/1968

    Languages:            English, French, Arabic

    Marital Status:    Widow


    Hair:                      Dark Brown

    Eyes:                      Hazel

    Height:                  5’3”, 160cm

    Body Type:             Average

    Marks:                    Laugh Lines, Crows Feet, Left Eyebrow Scar


Nijah M. Iro (hereafter MONO) was born in a town southwest of Amundi to devout Ruvosist parents. Her father was a prosperous farmer and her mother was the daughter of one of the first politicians after the fall of the dictatorship. MONO grew up with strong southern values.

MONO attended The University of Rowet majoring in political philosophy and minoring in agricultural science. MONO’s father was murdered by a Sutulist extremist while MONO was at university. It was written in her father’s will that she would inherit the family farm, however, Sutulist leaders at the time took her family’s farmland and gave it to a northern oil drilling company.

As an adult, MONO settled in Amundi with her husband, a prominent historian and socialite named Arlen Iro. Through her marriage, MONO gained access to exclusive Sutulist social circles. She worked as her husband’s accountant in his private practice for the duration of their marriage.

MONO inherited her husband’s fortune when he passed away from a smallpox infection. She was soon after identified as a potential spy for the RIS due to strong contempt for northern leadership and Sutulist ideology.

MONO had four children with her late husband. Her first daughter was imprisoned for openly contesting Sutulism. Her second child was stillborn. Her third child lives with her husband’s sister in Rowet. Only the youngest child lives with MONO.

MONO’s youngest daughter shares her mother’s name and is thirteen years old.


RIS recruited MONO shortly before the south declared independence. Despite a hurried recruitment, MONO was trained in covert communication and has proven reliable and trustworthy. 

MONO was raised cursing the theocracy and considers them a modern day dictatorship. Many people she has known throughout her life went from wealth to squalor due to economic decisions made by the Sutulist government.

MONO blames the Sutulist regime for taking her family’s land, killing her father, and jailing her daughter.

She believes that an independent south will liberate many people. She has faith that individuals are capable of great things, and is committed to doing all that she can to fight for southern freedom.

Undercover Life:

MONO was trained to communicate using a 26 letter cipher. MONO controls a rebel spy network in Amundi created by a Namaan general before he defected to the south.

The spy ring was made up mostly of women who lost their status and wealth and were forced to move to Amundi after the southern recession. Like MONO, members of her spy ring have come to despise the theocracy and believe in an independent south.


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