Greetings Everyday Spy,

Now you know that an old dog CAN learn new tricks! Neuroplasticity gives us the ability to form new synaptic connections. To learn new things and change what we know and believe about all other things. 

As adults, exercising neuroplasticity is a choice we make and effort must be put into wiring and rewiring new information. The more effort you put into exercising neuroplasticity, the more you increase your brain’s ability to make new connections and upgrade old ones. This intentional practice will be a key step to identifying your cognitive biases, which we’ll discuss later in OPTHINK.

Learning something new and challenging is the easiest and fastest way to increase neuroplasticity. Creating a rich social network of friends and family is another contributor to neuroplasticity that can also serve to help you meet your objectives. I’m on this journey with you, so you can count on a network of at least 2 of us!

Let’s start to rewire your brain to achieve operational thinking!

Godspeed, #EverydaySpy


Neuroplasticity for mental health and wellbeing

Music and Brain Plasticity


  • Challenge yourself to explore something NEW: music, news outlet, meditation practice, park or walking trail, social activity, puzzle or game. Note each time you try something new in your status check.

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