MAP: Country of Namaan

The country of Namaan is on the brink of civil war. The north of the country is loyal to Namaan’s current leaders, but a strong revolutionary group in the south has cut the country in half. At the heart of the conflict is freedom, identity, and religion.

The capital city of Amundi, located in the north, is still the seat of government. Northern military forces are large and well funded. Amundi maintains strong alliances with rich countries in the region that provide weapons and training. Unproven in battle, the north doesn’t want to test itself against the south.

In the south, the city of Rowet is the center of the revolutionary movement. Rebel fighting groups in the south are much smaller than northern armies but are open to bold military action. With no foreign support, the south is hopeful that a few key battlefield wins will earn them outside aid.

The break-up of a northern spy ring in the southern capital city of Rowet has shaken revolutionary leaders. They are now considering first strike opportunities against the north. 

You are an intelligence officer serving in the Rowet Intelligence Service (RIS). You have a covert asset in the northern capital, Amundi, that has access to information critical to rebel objectives. As tensions rise toward armed conflict, direct contact with your asset is impossible. You have trained your assets to use secret messaging and will begin covert contact in this operation.

You have three objectives:

  1. Keep secret comms with your covert asset
  2. Successfully identify key intel
  3. Identify the real-world historic espionage case reflected in this mission

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